At Fareley, we understand that comprehensive training is essential for maximizing the value of your Infor CPQ solution. That's why we offer flexible training options designed to meet the diverse needs of your team. Whether you're just getting started with Infor CPQ or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our training programs provide the knowledge and expertise to empower your team and drive success.

Our Infor CPQ Training Plans

Basic Training Plan

Our Basic Training Plan is designed for users who are new to Infor CPQ or require a foundational understanding of the system. This plan covers the essential features and functionalities of Infor CPQ, ensuring that your team can navigate the platform, create quotes, manage product configurations, and handle basic administrative tasks with confidence. Through interactive sessions and hands-on exercises, participants will gain the necessary skills to effectively utilize Infor CPQ in their daily operations.

Advanced Training Plan

For users seeking to expand their knowledge and delve deeper into the advanced capabilities of Infor CPQ, our Advanced Training Plan offers comprehensive training on advanced features, customization options, and advanced administrative tasks. This plan is ideal for power users, system administrators, and those responsible for configuring and optimizing Infor CPQ to meet specific business requirements. Participants will gain in-depth insights, advanced techniques, and best practices to leverage the full potential of Infor CPQ, enabling them to streamline quoting processes, improve customer experiences, and drive sales growth.

Key Training Benefits

Customized Learning Experience

Our training programs are tailored to your team's skill levels and specific business needs. We understand that each organization is unique, and our trainers adapt the training content and delivery to address your specific challenges and objectives.

Expert Trainers

 Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in Infor CPQ. They possess deep product knowledge and industry expertise, ensuring that participants receive high-quality training and guidance.

Interactive and Hands-On Approach

We believe in active learning and engagement. Our training sessions incorporate interactive discussions, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios, allowing participants to apply their knowledge immediately and reinforce their understanding of Infor CPQ.

Flexible Delivery Options

We offer flexible training delivery options to accommodate your team's preferences and schedules. Our training can be conducted on-site at your location, virtually through webinars or video conferencing, or through a combination of both, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Continuous Support

Our commitment to your team's success doesn't end with the training program. We provide ongoing support, resources, and access to our expert trainers to address any questions, challenges, or additional training needs that may arise.

Invest in Infor CPQ Training for Your Team's Success

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage the full potential of Infor CPQ. Contact us today to discuss your training requirements and choose the plan that best suits your team's needs. Empower your team, drive productivity, and achieve exceptional results with our comprehensive Infor CPQ training programs.